We started back in 2008 with the very simple mission of making really awesome chicken burgers. That done, we needed to choose a name. We called it Olies, after my wife Olivia. As time went on our burgers got popular and we knew we needed to grow and bring these awesome chicken burgers to the rest of Australia. To do this we needed to give our brand a catchy new name. Olie and I wanted the name to mean something to us both. So we decided to call it Little-L, after our daughters. We love our girls. The eldest is gentle and sweet, and as you might expect the younger one is more mischievous, with that cheeky twinkle in her eye. Now we are keeping the same promise we made back in 2008, but with a gentle twinkle.

Little-L is for everyone growing up, living life, and sharing the epic and not-so-epic moments that make us who we are. Little-L is for the amazing travel destinations (like Chicago and New Orleans!), for the family get-togethers, the beach, the backyard swimming pools, and every important memory and element of life that defines us. And most importantly – Little-L is for the food! We are not perfect, but we love what we do, and we promise to do the simple things right and always have fun along the way.


11am - 8:45pm 7 days

1/23-37 Campbell Parade,
North Bondi NSW 2026

P: 02 9130 1300


11am - 10pm 7 days

Shop 2 / 1975 Camden Valley Way, Prestons NSW 2170

P: 02 8731 4344‬

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11am - 9pm - Sun-Thur
11am - 9:30pm - Fri-Sat

3/201-203 Coogee Bay Road
Coogee NSW 2034

P: 02 9665 6261